Can Serve Foundation

Can Serve Foundation

Prior to relocating to India, the Bhatnagars set up a board of directors to manage fundraising in Canada. The board currently manages the funds raised through sponsorship donations and collected by the students at St. George’s School of Montreal.

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Current Board Members

Mr. Subhash Khanna – Chairman

Mr. Rick Sala – President

Ms. Joanne Trudeau – Vice President

Ms. Mindy Paskell-Mede – Secretary

Mr. Robert Kleinman – Treasurer 

Mr. Michael Dorochenko

Dr. Patrick Kenniff

Ms. Jeanie Krupp

Mr. Mark Lazar

Ms. Samantha Levy

Mr. Bill Nevin

Mr. Jim Officer

Ms. Mary Opalinsky

Ms. Sita Piche

Ms. Megan Webster